Capacity Planning and Resource Usage Optimization

Kubevious provides insights to resource usage and helps with capacity planning and resource optimization.

Insights provided on Namespace level:

  • Total resources reservation of the Namespace
  • Percentage of total cluster resources reserved by a Namespace
  • Top Applications within the Namespace ordered by reserved resources.

Kubevious Resource Usage on Namespace level

Insights provided on Application level:

  • Resources reserved per a single replica of the Application (per Pod).
  • Resources reserved across all replicas of the Application.
  • Percentage of total cluster resources reserved by the Application.

Kubevious Resource Usage on Application Level

Custom Rules and Markers

Kubevious allows implementing custom rules and associating custom markers to detect custom resource usage patterns. For example, the rule below identifies namespaces that are using more than 30% of the total cluster CPU or Memory.

select('Namespace') .filter(({item}) => { const cpu = item.getProperties('cluster-consumption').cpu; const memory = item.getProperties('cluster-consumption').memory; return (unit.percentage(cpu) >= 30) || (unit.percentage(memory) >= 30); })

This rule can then either associate a custom icon with the Namespace (see the screenshot below), raise an alert, or send a notification using Kubevious Slack Bot.

Kubevious Custom Resource Marker

You can learn more regarding writing custom validation and detection rules in the Rules Engine Documentation.

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